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  • Thanks to all the beautiful happy people who came to our our Wine & Cheese Thingy #5. Pictures by the wonderful Yvonne Chew can be found, here.
  • M/Hotel (Nov 18, 19, 20), checks into The Holiday in on Howe for Dance in Vancouver. Meet David at the bar! A DC Video wherein David explains the show in a kind of sexy way can be found here.  Buy tickets here.  Use the coupon code BATTERY to get a member's discount.
  • Bob's Salon,  at 10pm - till late Nov 21 in the Columbia Conference room at the Holiday Inn on Howe. This is a free event  to rap up DIV. Details here.
  • The Things I Carry goes to Dublin.


“Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting"  is now over. But you can still buy the book here. -

"Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting" is also an anthropology thesis by Lindsay Moore. Free download here.

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