Founded in 1995, battery opera performance is a Vancouver-based company that supports the work and projects of Lee Su-Feh and David McIntosh. battery opera performance produces and initiates original performance works and multi-disciplinary actions and practice that are centred around ideas of celebration and contemplation. Interrogating the contemporary body as a site of intersecting histories and habits, these box-defying projects take place in the theatre, on the streets, in hotel rooms and in print; across Canada and internationally.
‘Brainy and bawdy’ - Deborah Meyers, Vancouver Sun
‘fearlessly iconoclastic’ - Jay Hirabayashi, Vancouver International Dance Festival

why battery?

because it's small, practical yet contains within it the polarities of positive and negative, male and female, yin and yang.

why opera?
because it's big, impractical and contains within it the polarities of life and death, love and fear, hope and despair.







2015 The Things I Carry
         Terroir Tour (book)

2014 Vancouver: Weeping, Crawling, Betting 

2013 Sweet Gyre
          M/HOTEL (book)

2012 Bob's Salon

2011 M/HOTEL
          Jung-Ah & Su-Feh

2010 Portside Walk

2009 "Lives were around me."

2008 Body-Scan (co-production with parB.L.eux)
          The Whole Beast
2007 What the Hell?
          [storm] II
2006 [storm] I
          Wanton Heat and Loose Desire
2005 Bob's Lounge
2003 Cyclops
2001 Spektator
2000 Reptile-Diva
1999 Wake
1997 Brick
          Gecko Eats Fly
          Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
1996 Hinndi Finndi Hogmonay in Old Guangzhou
1995 Ten Thousand Things
1992 A Character of Dubious Morality



  • 2014 Lee Su-Feh is awarded the Lola Award. The Lola Award is awarded to an artist whose work reflects the ideas of Gesamtkunstwerk that the late Lola McLaughlin strove for.  
  • 2013: Lee Su-Feh is awarded the Isadora award for her body of work and contribution to dance in Vancouver
  • 2012: battery opera is nominated for the Vancouver Critics 2010 innovation award for M/HOTEL
  • 2012: battery opera is awarded the best choreography (Lee Su-Feh) and best music composition and sound design (Jesse Zubot and David McIntosh) at the 2012 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for The Whole Beast
  • 2010: battery opera is nominated for the Vancouver Critics 2010 innovation award for "Lives were around me."
  • 2004: battery opera is recipient of the coveted Best Naked/Worst Naked award from Crimson Coast Dance for Spektator in Nanaimo
  • March 2002: battery opera receives a Jessie (Best Lighting Design for James Proudfoot) for Spektator after which the award committee bans all dance companies from future eligibility
  • March 2002: battery opera is announced as recipient of the 2003 Alcan Award for Performing Arts in Dance
  • May 1998: Lee Su-Feh given the Prix de Jeune Auteur of the Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Seine-St. Denis for her work Gecko Eats Fly
  • September 1992: A Character of Dubious Morality wins Producers' Award for choreography at Dancing on the Edge Festival