An investigative informal art salon for the curious imbiber. 

"...a good night - beautifully conceived and executed. You sing like a nightingale on the lash." - Tim Crouch (international theatre whore).

Bob’s Salon is a congregation of multiple performances by musicians, dancers, and story tellers; inviting an audience into a rigorous improvisational structure. Utilising David McIntosh’s training as a sommelier to match an alcohol to a story, the Salon offers a unique template for considering performance. By drawing attention to the sensations of our own bodies when tasting a spirit and watching a performance, Bob’s Salon creates a sharable conversation that enhances engagement, uniting artists and audience alike in a common live and lived experience.

Next Salon - September 30th, 2016 at the Hopbopshop. Tickets here.

"Tasting notes" from some other recent shows can be found here.

A VanDocument video of a Bob's Salon by Ash Tanasiychuk can be found here.