David McIntosh

Flirting with volatility since 1963

David McIntosh is a choreographer, writer, singer, sommelier, and the artistic producer of battery opera.

In 1995 he co-founded battery opera with Lee Su-Feh, whom he began collaborating with shortly after he was run over while on his bicycle somewhere between Kuantan and Kota Baru.

About My Current Cycle of Work

I started making work unaware of the proscenium and away from it’s chairs, but then spent a good 15 years working within it, under various levels of protest. My current work is outside of that context but is inevitably informed by it. 

All of these works explore certain themes. These themes deal with a history of colonialisation, monopolistic capitalism, and settlement, and my transient relationship to environment, community, and booze. A personal perpetualonialism.

This cycle of work started with site specific intimate experiences for small audiences, moving from the historical center of a city (“Lives were around me.”), to the anonymous, uniform hotel rooms along a city's major arteries (M/HOTEL). The next spin of the cycle revolved around the idea of "Terroir". The first incarnation was a collaboration with Chris Bose at the Unit Pitt gallery in winter 2014,"Vancouver: crawling, weeping, betting", and the book David McIntosh's Terroir Tour of British Columbia, which came out of three years of working in communities in the southwest corner of the province. I kept spinning further and further with works for peoples homes and driveways (Sacrifice),  performances for international art market conference halls (Street Songs), and resurrection attempts (Resurrection). All this appears to auger a final return to the black box with my adaptation of Aeschylus' Orestia.

Here's some Terroir readings

Some Terroir research can be perused here.

I also teach Bagua and trained to be a Sommelier - for tasting notes go here.

To hear me read from M/HOTEL go to the Yvonne Chew's Little Art Corner or here, and here.

To read how I am a choreographer, go here

To read my frozen career suicide blog go here. but enough of that shit. Artists are citizens, and we should all be good citizens, but art is not citizenship. It's not a career either. More of a curse. On with it.



What David really does when he goes to "the interior"

David in Paris

A Holiday Messages from the 1980s with Five Year Fuck at the Railway Club:

David McIntosh reciting "t'were", a poem brought to his attention by Adrienne Wong, who got it from her sister Karen, who got it from a  boyfriend (now former), to whom it was given by an acquaintance he soon after stopped associating with. -Anonymous, as it t'were, and yet it spoke to him.