A program of two works that bring into focus the complex shifts of the human body in relation to landscape and territory.

In Lee Su-Feh’s solo, Everything a dancer negotiates an environment of smoke and numbers, flying objects and the rigorous beauty of Barry Truax’s electro-acoustic score, Sequence of Earlier Heaven. This is a ritual of arriving – a negotiation between the history carried in a dancer’s body and the history of the territory on which she dances. 

 In Jung-Ah and Su-Feh, a collaboration between Su-Feh and Victoria dance genius Jung-Ah Chung, dance is stripped down to its barest essentials. Or is it? Relying on an acute sensing of each other, the dancers strive for a dance that comes out of the needs and desires of each body in relation to time and space. The women declare, “I will dance for you”, and with this simple statement, unveil a landscape of multiple identities. A territory of questions and possibilities about what it means to dance, what it means to see and be seen. 


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