The first part is relatively easy, a prescribed sacrifice of the host. The second part can get messy and may not work. Each Resurrection must be bought by a host who invites an audience. For medium sized audiences and three to five performers. Debatable if we should even try this again.

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Bracken Hanuse Corlett wrote the following in response to the last time: water/fish/dirt.

Lament for the Wolf Coat

I second guessed putting on my wolf coat last night
Then I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror
And remembered that I am a dog.

Red and Black
Red and Black

Stepping out
into the night

and sauntering into the situation
of sweat and flesh
Smoke and panic
bottles and plastic cups
Playing with ghosts

The feeling of collusion
Not sure if I should laugh
or feel ashamed...

Nose dripping from the chill.
Leaning into
Fresh air
Spaghetti Legs

I once almost drowned in this wolf coat
The weight of it kept my body floundering in a shallow pool.
Its warmth has kept me protected.
It's gone missing before
but found its way back

You lose something when you play with the spirits.

My body of work is covered in barnacle shards.
Some days begin with inside-out pockets and bad luck

You always lose something
Sniffing the ground with the dogs.

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