Upcoming dates:

March 7, 2018  5-7pm at The Hopbopshop 150 McLean Drive, Vancouver, BC

Teaching Wildness is a space for teachers to come together to share ideas, strategies and questions around nurturing consent culture in class and studios. 

It came out of a Talking,Thinking, Dancing Body conversation around the body, control, consent, and coercion. A response to the feeling that much of dance and theatre training involved a lot of non-consensual shit. And if we hoped to change the culture systemic abuse and silence, we need to start in the training. How might we "teach to transgress", as bell hooks says.

Some of the questions we grapple with each time are:

What does consent look like in class?
What is the alternative to compliance as the default value?
What does it mean to teach your students how to say no? 

To read Su-Feh's further thoughts on the subject of consent in the training of artists, here is an article in the SpiderWebShow.